The Lean Business Generation Framework

Lean Business Generation. For me that’s where many worlds come together. The power of Lean (of course) combined with a growth mindset, never-ending curiosity, laser sharp customer focus and the drive to execute relentlessly. That for me is the LBG framework. Not something I invented, something I found in the business world that make sense connecting as a framework.

I also use for examples the models from Alex Osterwalder on Business Model Generation and Value Proposition Design. These models come with great tools for ideation, testing an validation of business ideas.

Below are a few of the tools/methods I use when helping business overcome challenges and thrive in rapidly changing markets.

An overview of my Lean Business Generation Framework

Main examples, hit the buttons for more info


  • Hoshin Kanri
  • Lean Product Innovation
  • Business Models

Go to market

  • Segmentation/Visibility
  • Value Selling
  • Value Proposition Design

Managing results

  • Daily Management
  • Problem Solving
  • Business Cadence

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