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Did you now quit your job after six months? Again?

many people in my network – including my parents
My last corporate mugshot just after quitting my job… again

Yes I did, it was about time. Again.

Resumés might seem messy, inconsistent or just outright ridiculous. But it’s all about the story. You can check out my history here, but below you’ll find my story.

It took me quite a while, roughly 20 years in my working life, to find my ‘professional purpose’, which I’ve actually found to be very close to my personal purpose.

I know I have made career moves that raises some eyebrows. I left to follow my dream, realizing 4 months later it was my dream from 10 years earlier. I left for a new challenge with a broader scope, realizing after two weeks is the same thing, but just better paid. This explains some of the wonky things in my resumé.

I’ve learned over the years that even though I sometimes use tough words, my work is not just a means to an end. Yes, I’m passionate about not starving to death and to provide a good meal and comfortable house for my family. I’ve also learned that even if the reward is high, I can’t stay around in a job I don’t genuinely like (anymore) for the job itself. I don’t only work for money. (look at me being a millennial right there)

I want to make things better. I want to improve things. Or more precise, I want to help others improve things. I want to teach others a process to improve things. The impact I can make in this world is necessary but limited… in the bigger scheme of things. So it’s not about me improving things, it’s about me teaching others about a process, a methodology that can help them improve things.

For me, in the last 10+ years I’ve learned about Lean, the concept of Kaizen and a more philosophical approach to the goal-vs-journey-discussion (the business version of chicken and egg).

I believe that you need a goal to give direction, but the ‘higher purpose’ sits in the journey itself, not necessarily in achieving your goal, to find yourself one day being there, have fulfilled the task, have gotten things done. It’s about how you get there.

Me and my oldest walking in the Austrian Alps…we ended up nowhere, but the journey was worth it.

I always consider myself a clever guy, good memory, fast and logical thinker. I’m not extremely bright or creative, but in the spirit of Darwin, it’s not the smartest or strongest that will survive, it’s the one most adaptive to change. Or as one could also say, the one that’s best able to adapt to the environment, to what’s needed or to the task at hand.

So that’s me and what I do.. and a bit on why I do it. Let me know if you want to talk, meet or have some coffee. Maybe I can help you with your process, optimise it or just establish one. Don’t be scared about problems…I like problems.