A fool with a tool… is still a fool

Might be weird to say for someone like me that promotes the use of a certain set of tools. But I’m 100% sure that only using a set of tools won’t make you smarter. Or win. Or make you successful in the long term.

I was reading ‘Mastery’ from Robert Greene and he talks about how mankind became more intelligent after starting to use tools. Because of the complex hand-mind coordination, our brains grew and we developed intelligence as we know it today.

But to put it blunt… we were just a species of monkey-like mammals that by chance (evolution) had opposing thumbs and figured out that you can kill a mammoth with a sharp stone. It took us millions of years to go from picking up a stone to painting the Mona Lisa or writing the ‘Discovery of Heaven’. And it wasn’t only about the tools. Tools were the enabler, but definitely not the only thing.

Photo by Crawford Jolly on Unsplash

Lean Tools + Continuous Growth Mindset = Sustainable Business Success

The point I’m making here is that it takes more than just a set of tools. It takes a mindset, a belief, a system, one could even say a philosophy. The idea that you focus on long term value for customers, employees and society. The belief that things can always be done better. The conviction that a problem is an opportunity to improve. Those are the foundational elements of the mindset needed to gain a sustainable competitive advantage.

In the business to build a company, and cash by riding a new short-term hype? Great, good for you! Don’t think I can help you long-term.

Think you have the right mindset?

Then I have some tools to help you!