Lean Business Generation

True competitive advantage is built by knowing your customers and solving their problems.

Solving problems is simple, but not easy – know the difference.

We are what we repeatedly do. Therefore excellence is not an act but a habit.

Aristoteles or Will Durant or Will A. Foster – many are attributed

The business philosophy of Lean and its consequent implementations in the last 70-80 years have learned us that you don’t rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems. (James Clear in Atomic Habits). And that’s why I’ve come to believe that success in anything, also in business, can be the outcome of a process of common sense, but then rigorously applied.

Red is the new green

Mark van de Laak

People are visual animals, hence the beauty of Visual Management as started out in the Toyota factories many decades ago. If your KPI is green, you’re good. If it is red, you’re not (yet) where you want to be. Red means there’s a problem to be solved. It can be small it can be huge, but something needs to be done. This is where true Lean Leaders step in. Define the problem, find the root cause, implement countermeasures and ensure sustainment. It’s simple… but not always easy.

Why work with me?

10+ years experience

I have worked in Danaher and Fortive and have seen Lean in action in all its forms and all its beauty. Globally. In all kinds of businesses.

Shopfloor and boardroom

Lean business is generated at gemba, which can be both on the shop floor or in the boardroom. Been there.


I have lead Value Selling events, championed Value Proposition design and drove daily management through a world class commercial team. And I have helped solving problems, deployed policy.

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